Award-Winning “Hide and Seek” Hits Thalian Main!


Joanna Coates’ HIDE AND SEEK follows four young people who flee from London to create a polyamorous commune in the country, choosing total isolation as a form of emotional and intellectual hiding place.  As their inhibitions and past traumas fade in the face of new routines, they achieve a unique kind of personal and collective happiness. From first-time feature director Joanna Coates and her screenwriter/husband Daniel Metz, this deeply original, meditative take on a group of young, unmoored adults is a tribute to spirituality and discovery in a cynical world.

Winner of the Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival, this refreshing and unexpected feature is playing as part of the Magnolia program at Cucalorus.  HIDE AND SEEK screens on Friday, November 13th, 7:00 PM at Thalian Main.  Buy tickets here!

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