“Bag Boy Lover Boy” makes its NC Premiere at Cuc’ 20


Andres Torres’ “Bag Boy Lover Boy” will make its NC premiere this Sunday at City Stage as part of our Convulsions program. The soon-to-be cult classic follows the awkward, at-times cringeworthy life of Albert (Jon Wachter), a Canal Street hot-dog vendor dubbed by Indiewire as “strangeness personified.

Click to watch the trailer!

Click to watch the trailer!

When Albert is discovered by voyeuristic photographer, Ivan (who sees Albert as a path to grotesquerie a la Diane Arbus,) he agrees to pose in a series of depraved photo shoots with the promise that Ivan will teach him about art. After witnessing countless photographers pick up women, lonely Albert thinks this might be his “in” with the bohemian girl of his dreams, Lexy.

Soon Albert begins to take his own photographs, now well versed on Ivan’s unsavory muses and techniques. Spurred by a lengthy history of unfortunate encounters with women, Albert’s endeavors delve deep into the dark side of the human psyche, taking audiences on a violent, strange and unforgettable ride that’s sure to knock the waffles right out of you. Folks can check out the disturbed world of “Bag Boy Lover Boy” at City Stage on Sunday, November 16 at 7:15 p.m.

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