Calling All Purple Drank Professionals!?!!?!!


Click to watch the official Cough Syrup Film Festival Promo

We wanna see what Weezy taught you!


Whether you’re holed up in bed with a stuffy nose and a cough that won’t quit, or you’re jammin’ out to Three 6 Mafia on the weekend—we’ve all coated our throats with that sickly saccharine purple nectar that is cough syrup.


Sunday, June 9th, from 5:30 to 11, at Jengo’s Playhouse will be the world’s FIRST EVER Cough Syrup Film Festival.  And we want your movies! Send us something short & sugary sweet: 3 minutes or less, involving (you guessed it!) COUGH SYRUP! You make it, we’ll play it! (As long as you get it in to us by noon on June 8th.)


The event itself will be free; we’ll have a cookout, a few bands, a cash bar, and as the sky turns purple so will the screen at Jengo’s. Pass that purple drank, let’s get weird together, y’all!


Other entertainment possibilities include (but are not limited to): a Cough Syrup Kissing Booth, a Sizzurp Slip-n-Slide, a home-made cough syrup taste-test, Cough Syrup Cocktails, the Cough Syrup Awards,and all the cooties you can handle.