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Thursday, November 9

9am | All Conference Session
Keynote: Corning Incorporated: Connecting the Digital Economy
Tom Looney, Senator Michael Lee, Michele Holbrook

10:30am | All Conference Session
Keynote: Media in the Age of Digital Disruption
Jamie Mottram, Tom Haberstroh, Will Brinson

12pm | All Conference Session
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Travis Corpening
Jon Evans, Travis Corpening
Keynote: Data and the Mobile Ecosystem: What’s Next?
Chancellor Sartarelli, Tom Looney, Natalie English, Paul Palmieri
Rocket Pitches: ModPod and Brilliant Sole
Keynote: Intuition, Character and Innovation in Teams, Business and the Digital Economy
Chris Boney, Fred Meyers

1:45pm | Breakout Sessions
Digital Enterprise: Crowdfunding to Build Independence
Emily Best
Digital Consumer: VETRACONx
Michael Barbera, Andrew Williams
Digital Industrial: Giving New Life and Memory to Metal
Pete Peterson, Bruce Mancinelli
Digital Impact: If it makes you uncomfortable, we should probably talk about it.
Claire Wasserman

3pm | Breakout Sessions
Digital Enterprise: Employment Branding: Attracting the Right People through Culture
Jill Harrington, David Hitchcock, Patrick Smith
Digital Consumer: DisruptHer: Women Leaders Are Transforming Their Industries
Emily Louise Smith, Cassidy Lamb, Annemarie Petroff
Digital Industrial: LimbForge: Digital Transformation & 3D Prosthetic Technology for the Developing World
Grace Mastalli, Sam Hobish
Digital Impact: Thinking Forward: Distribution and the Festival Circuit
Anna Roberts, Caleb Ward, Emily Best, Dan Shoenbrun

4:15pm | All Conference Session
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Rob Kaiser
Rob Preville, Rob Kaiser
Keynote: Gangs, Entrepreneurship, and Beer
Matt Magne, George Taylor, Jamie Mottram

Friday, November 10

9am | All Conference Session
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Susi Hamilton
Jonathan Barfield, Deborah Ross, Susi Hamilton
Keynote: From the First Light Bulb to the Industrial Internet – An Innovation Journey
Melissa Singler, Mona Badie

10:15am | Breakout Sessions
Digital Enterprise: Enhance your digital customer experiences: Take your data seriously.
Wilson Raj
Digital Consumer: The Impact of Digital on the News Media: The Growing Offense Against Fake News
Fran Scarlett, Michelle Rhinesmith, Scott Saxton, Melanie Sill, Nation Hahn
Digital Industrial: Seahawk Innovation – SportGait and ERBITs
Tobin Geatz, Brendan Collins, Stuart Wollach, Chris Newton
Digital Impact: The Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing
David Morrison, Althea Lewis

11:30am | Breakout Sessions
Digital Enterprise: Recruiting in the Now & Next Economy
Tom Looney, Rob Hawthorne, Tom Ryder, Bo Burch, Lauren Henderson, Ann Revell-Pechar
Digital Consumer: Collaboration Fuels Design Innovation & Social Change
Aly Khalifa, Andrew Williams
Digital Impact: Branded Video Showcase

12:30pm | All Conference Session
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Brett Martin
Joe Finley, Brett Martin
Keynote: Socrates in Silicon Valley: The Philosophy of Steve Jobs
Mayor Bill Saffo, Tom Morris
Rocket Pitches: Creative Unions Event Design and Happy Fish
Keynote: Planes, Hurricanes and Automobiles
Diane Durance, Gary Bonilla

2:15pm | Breakout Sessions
Digital Enterprise: Cape Fear Women In Tech Show and Tell
Audrey Speicher, Emilyanne Atkinson
Digital Consumer: Microsoft in Healthcare
Kevin Dolan
Digital Industrial: Accelerating the NC Seafood Economy – Fish 2.0 and More
David “Clammerhead” Cessna, Barbara Garrity-Blake, Ryan Speckman, Niels Lindquist
Digital Impact: Hustle in Comfort
Dory Weiss, Mike Bonner

4pm | All Conference Session
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Dr. Stephen Harper
Tom Looney, Dr. Stephen Harper
Rocket Pitch: Winner Announced
Member of Rocket Pitch Jury
Emergent Leadership Fellow: Scott Moody
Jim Roberts, Kelsey Connor, Scott Moody
Keynote: Inspiration: Five Stories
Scott Moody, Thomas Varnum

Other ways to get Connected…

Tuesday, November 7
5:30pm | tekMountain
Cucalorus Kickoff Party

Wednesday, November 8
6:30pm | Beam Room at Front Street Brewery
Ladies Get Paid – Women and Money

Thursday, November 9
6pm | Untappd
Cucalorus Beer Party

Friday, November 10
5pm | Bellamy Mansion
Cucalorus Oyster Party

7pm | CFCC Union Station, Daniel’s Hal
reFRESH After Hours Yoga and Ecstatic Dance Party

Saturday, November 11
4:45pm | CFCC Union Station
Knife Skills

7:15pm | CFCC Union Station
True Conviction

Sunday, November 12
4:45pm | CFCC Union Station
10×10 Challenge: Screening


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