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Startups: 10×10 Challenge Screening and Rocket Pitch

Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:00 PM EST
Friday, November 15
BAC Annex Up

10×10 Challenge: 10 entrepreneurs are paired with 10 filmmakers and challenged to make a three minute promo video in five days. A Norwood Cheek original, the 10×10 Challenge originally paired filmmakers with bands to make a music video. In 2014, UNCW CIE and Cucalorus joined together to launch the startup version.

10×10 Startups:

Desmond Wiggan
A mobile app and kiosk rental that provides a convenient way to charge cell phones.

Compass Bracelets, LLC.
Samantha Dudley
Hand-made bracelets that connect people through stories and inspire a chain of kindness as they are shared with others.

Ryan Hedspeth
An educational program created to inform North Carolina business owners and potential investors about investment crowdfunding under the NC PACES Act.

Nicco Leone
Automates content marketing to emulate high-end branding campaigns that consumers remember. If people like you, they will buy from you when they’re ready.

Kelly Burdoo
Handcrafted marshmallows in unique flavors! Sold mainly in local stores, farmers markets, and online.

Alan Stout
A platform to support family connection through enhanced communications and screen time monitoring with a personalized strategy to redirect digitally addicted family members.

Seaview Crab Company
Sam Romano
Commercial fishermen, fishmongers, fish cutters, dock hands, and everything in between , a company that listens to the specific needs of customers and stays at the forefront of international fishing.

Simple Wallets
Aaron Logan, Sebastian King, Robert Niven, Greg Russ
A solution to reduce the time you spend looking for your wallet and prevent the loss of your hard-earned money and data while funding police departments.

Topsail Steamer
Danielle Mahon
Builds seafood steam pots for customers to take home, steam & eat. Topsail Steamer builds “Bay Buckets” in a one-time use pot, for groups of any size.

Tres Altman
A modern twist on the classic postcard – a whole new way to share your adventures, custom printed with secret video.

10×10 Production Companies:

Bonham Enterprise
Cassian Films
Digital Garden Media
Emily Bakke
Hidden Peak Productions, LLC.
AFK Productions
Page Productions
UNCW CIE Media Team
Undertow Media
Calvin Berenyi

Rocket Pitch: Fast-paced pitch competition. Watch startups go head-to-head with just 90 seconds and one slide to capture audience votes.

Brandon Noel
CoLabs is an incubator facility with the resources, services, and network to support the launch and growth of veteran-owned businesses.

GreenStream Technologies
Karen Lindquist
Monitors and reports conditions in the environment with an end-to-end solution for floods in urban, suburban, rural and even remote environments.

Language Corpus
Reid Wilson
A subscription-based offering for intermediate and advanced language learners to understand what people are saying to them, around them and about them.

Raise the Bar
Taylor Townsend
The winner of the BIG Idea Competition at the UNCW Cameron School of Business.

David Stone
Apartment complexes share what is known as a “competitive portfolio.” Survei speeds up the process, while also increasing data reliability.

Safe and Sound
Elizabeth Baker, Stacey Kolomer
A disaster management mobile app which informs managers of colleagues’ locations in a crisis, while maintaining security and privacy for a healthy work/life balance not given when using social media.

Claire Holroyd
A toolkit proven in the real world with thousands of teachers and children to make the most of child’s early development and learning through play.

Wonder Water
Carr Fullagar, Mia Weckel, Jack Yu at Cape Fear Academy
Winners of the 2019 Young Entrepreneurship Experience (YEPex) High School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.