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10×10 Challenge Screening

Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:30 PM EST
Sunday, November 11

10 entrepreneurs are paired with 10 filmmakers and challenged to make a 4-minute promo video in five days. See them on Sunday.

The BarTrack product reduces thousands of lost dollars that result when beer pours through a tap. BarTrack pours the perfect beer, increases revenues, and improves efficiency with real time analytics to track inventory.

KWH Coin is a digital currency that converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens on a unique blockchain.

CISME Instruments LLC measures the health and vitality of reef-building corals which are threatened by climate change, overfishing, and other anthropogenic stressors. “CISME” (Coral In Situ Metabolism) is designed to make quick, non-destructive, health measurements in situ.

NOOZ.tv is a revolutionary crowdsourced News and Opinion “video”​ platform that promotes local businesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.., and all with hyper-local content provided by NOOZcasters.

opiAID is developing the first technology assisted therapy leveraging advanced data science (AI) to dramatically aid in the fight against opioid abuse.

Wilmington-based Panacea Brewing Company brews craft kombucha, a probiotic living beverage. In 2016, Panacea Brewing launched from the Burgaw Incubator Kitchen.   

RUBY ASSATA is a bold accessories brand rendered in ladylike lines and bright, uncommon leather color combinations. Beautifully handmade, redefining pretty by mixing the romance of mid-century etiquette ideals and 21st century street smarts.

A North Carolina-based collaboration between a marine scientist and a commercial fisherman, Sandbar Oyster Company has developed a revolutionary approach to growing oysters, building oyster reefs and protecting shorelines.

SaniBrands Corporation is the “antibacterial for oral health.” The company’s signature product is known commercially as Defense Sport mouthguard rinse. It is the only patented product in the US that kills bacteria and germs on removable oral devices.

SWELLEnterprise, a product of SWELL Systems, Inc. is an all in one business management application that is designed to put enterprise-style functionality in the hands of solopreneurs, agencies and small teams at an affordable cost.