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Blockchain Technology What’s Hot vs What’s Hype

Girard Newkirk (moderator), Rich Spuller, Mathias Sundin, John Tuman, Eric Porper
Running Time:60 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:00 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
BAC Annex Up

Blockchain is widely considered a key technological component of the growing Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is poised to fundamentally change the way machines, people and businesses interact. Most importantly it will change the way value (money) is expressed and offer a new way to exchange. Explore the various applications in multiple sectors of the economy and its social impact.


Girard Newkirk, founder and CEO of KWHCoin and NewNext Advanced Energy, studied Political Science and Economics at East Carolina University and is a published author in the fields of decentralized energy, blockchain and cryptocurrency, finance, socioeconomic equality and distributed ledger technology. Newkirk’s vision of developing renewable energy solutions for remote, rural and underdeveloped regions of the world led to the development of a decentralized energy solutions for practical use. The KWHCoin platform has now expanded into using artificial intelligence software to measure and analyze energy data to develop smart grid solutions for energy companies, utilities and electric cooperatives.

Rich Spuller, CoFounder at Blockchain Experience for Everyone. Rich is a hands-on professional with experience in the fields of event organization, planning and management; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency adoption advocacy; web design and development; database management; customer service management; and strategic sales. In 2013, he was introduced to the concepts of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency, and joined the team at Cryptolina as Lead Web Developer. In 2017, he became a full-time organizer and partner as the team behind Cryptolina began strategies of aggressive expansion across multiple projects. In 2019, along with his partners at Cryptolina, Rich became a partner and US CoFounder of the Warp Institute. Warp’s goal is to make a better and more prosperous future come sooner through the advancement of cutting edge technologies coupled with the empowerment of global communities spreading and sharing the best ideas humanity has to offer.

Mathias Sundin is co-founder and executive chairman of the Warp Institute Foundation. Former Member of Parliament and former Deputy Mayor. TEDx speaker and international keynote speaker and an author. In 2014 he became the first political candidate to accept only bitcoin in campaign donations, because he wanted to show the political establishment this new technology and debunk of some the myths surrounding the cryptocurrency.

John Tuman is the Chief Technology Officer at New Hanover Regional Medical Center(NHRMC) an 850-bed acute care hospital in Wilmington, NC. Tuman has worked in a variety of industries including Finance, Technology, and Utilities, however the past twenty years of his career have been focused in the healthcare industry. At NHRMC Tuman defines and executes the technical vision for the hospital as well as leading a team of 80 engineers and technicians in support of all the hospital’s computer and communication systems. Tuman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA and a certification in Health Sector Management from The Duke Fuqua School of Business. Tuman holds a CISSP and is also a registered Professional Engineer.

Eric Porper is co-founder of the Emblem Company and UNBoxed, a blockchain focused accelerator based on of Durham, NC. Emblem is a crypto-asset platform that makes it easy to create, transfer, and receive many digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, across blockchains and without complex addresses. This aligns with his long time focus on bringing emerging technology to the masses.  Eric started his first company over 20 creating one of the first email marketing apps, Homing Pigeon, in the late 90’s. Eric proudly serves as a co-chairs of the North Carolina Blockchain Initiative.