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Building Resilient Coastal Companies

Jake Kheel
Running Time:60 minutes
Event Date(s)
11:00 AM EST
Friday, November 15
BAC Annex Up

Companies can be disruptive agents of change and innovation, breaking paradigms and transforming industries. However, the destructive creativity of companies is rarely used to face the great social and environmental challenges that confront today’s society. Climate change, probably the most severe of these threats, will have adverse impact on coastal communities. In this session, Jake will share how companies are uniquely positioned to become agents of positive change in building resilient coastal communities.

For over 50 years, Grupo Puntacana in the Dominican Republic has been a pioneer in sustainable tourism. Jake will share practical examples of the company’s diverse environmental initiatives that not only protect and restore the local environment, but also help create a more competitive and resilient company in the face of global change. The session will illustrate key lessons learned in order to motivate other companies to become engines of positive disruption in building resilient communities.


Jake Kheel is a sustainability innovator, thought-leader, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. For fifteen years he has confronted social and environmental challenges in the tourism industry as Vice President of Grupo Puntacana Foundation in the Dominican Republic.