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Crowdfunding to Build Independence

Emily Best, CEO and Founder of Seed&Spark
Running Time:60:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:45 PM EST
Thursday, November 9

Crowdfunding to Build Independence clearly lays out the steps toward a successful crowdfunding campaign, as well as the intersection between crowdfunding, audience connection, and career independence. Skills discussed: gathering true fans; identifying a useful and realistic campaign goal; creating a pitch video with a punch; and delivering on the promises of your current campaign to ensure future success. Bring your questions!

Emily Best is CEO and founder of Seed&Spark. She started Seed&Spark in 2012 after experiencing firsthand the struggles of crowdfunding for filmmakers while making the feature film Like the Water. Seed&Spark now has the highest success rate in the biz (85%.) Emily has been featured in Variety, The Establishment, Mashable, IndieWire, No Film School, and most recently on CNN. Emily is also an experienced producer and director. Her recent series, the consent-focused adult sex ed series F*ck Yes, has screened across the country and is now available on Seed&Spark; second season coming soon! Find, follow, and learn from Emily on social media: Twitter: @emilybest; Instagram: @ebestinthewest