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Digital Humans in Healthcare

Marie Johnson
Running Time:60 minutes
Event Date(s)
11:00 AM EST
Thursday, November 14
BAC Annex Up

Cardiovascular disease and health illiteracy is a deadly combination affecting many millions of people globally. Disadvantaged communities, people with disability, and women suffer disproportionately.

Marie will talk about what she sees as her moon shot, the “humanitarian revolution” where digital humans are part of an augmented health ecosystem: helping patients and reducing staff burnout. AI digital humans overcoming the gatekeepers of literacy and privilege, through empathetic conversations and support at any time, in cardiac care and literacy for everyone.


Marie is an internationally recognized public entrepreneur with a track record of tackling complex wicked problems.

Marie conceived and led the global co-design effort with people with disability to deliver “Nadia” the first AI digital human for service delivery. This work sparked a global industry and appetite for AI powered digital humans.

The AI Digital Human Cardiac Coach is Marie’s current humanitarian effort. Her extensive experience covers the public and private sector in Australia and internationally, including leading Microsoft’s worldwide public services and e-government business in Seattle; Chief Information Officer; Chief Technology Architect; Technology Authority; and board director.

Marie’s innovative work has been recognized globally: UN Public Services Award; US Gov O-Visa (Extraordinary Ability); Australian Prime Ministers Award; CIO of Year; Australia 100 Women of Influence. Marie speaks with challenging honesty from the deep experience of delivery. Together with her foresight, people are interested in the grit and the messy reality of politics and culture.