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IGNITE! Short Talks from Industry Insiders

Dr. Jeff Bullard, David Burke, Ginny Mahaney, Dr. Luke Marshall, Nate O'Keefe
Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 PM EST
Friday, November 9

Join several speakers as they present their experiences and points of view on the “Last Mile” of patient engagement, while exploring the obstacles and opportunities for the patient and caregivers.   

Jeff Bullard, MD, Founder and CEO, Vault
Dr. Bullard founded Vault in 2013 to improve patient care at his practices Acuity Brain Center and MaxHealth, and beyond. A leader in behavioral health integration, practice workflow efficiencies and leveraging tech to improve patient care, Dr. Bullard lectures about successfully navigating healthcare reform.

David Burke, Founder, CHECKIN Innovative, Care Technologies Inc.
As owner and CEO of long-term care facilities, David developed CHECKIN to increase residents’ quality of life, focusing on mental health. The platform uses wearable tech to provide a “community of care” software solution monitoring and increasing engagement between residents, friends, family and staff.

Ginny Mahaney, Chief Commercial Officer, Smartlink Health Solutions
Ginny holds an MBA from Duke University and has spent the bulk of her career with healthcare solutions providers. At Smartlink, Ginny leads the commercialization of Data Connector (SDC), an innovative front-end integration solution that solves the “last mile connectivity” problem in healthcare. SDC provides bidirectional speed to data at less than half the cost of traditional approaches to integration, while eliminating the need for EHR vendor involvement.

Luke Marshall, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, Vital Flo
Luke holds a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from UT Austin. He has expertise in commercializing applied science tech. Spun from an NC State and UNC Chapel Hill research partnership, VitalFlo provides health insights when patients need it most: before an asthma attack.

Nate O’Keefe, Founder, Roobrik
At Roobrik, Nate builds online tools that help older adults, patients, and their families make difficult decisions around getting older, accessing quality care, and participating in clinical research. Their partners use Roobrik to engage, inform, and qualify their customers at the point of decision.