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Hustle in Comfort

Dory Weiss & Mike Bonner
Running Time:75:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
2:15 PM EST
Friday, November 10

Software teams don’t need to choose between providing a great workplace or pushing hard to build great products; they can do both. At nCino we call that balance “hustling in comfort.” Founded in 2012, nCino has already been named an Inc. 500 company, one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies of 2016, and the 2016 Best Employer in North Carolina. In this talk we’ll introduce the four core values that underpin our software teams and demonstrate how these values encourage teams to build products that disrupt and lead markets. We’ll share insights from psychology and sociology that will help you create a work environment where innovation can flourish. And we’ll provide practical advice to managers and developers on building teams that “hustle in comfort.

Dory Weiss is VP of Engineering at nCino. She knows that the key to building industry-leading teams is devoting as much energy to your people as to your technology. Dory is an educator-turned-technologist and has helped nCino’s engineering team department grow from 6 to 100+ in four years.

Mike Bonner is an Engineering Manager at nCino, who has been closely involved in nurturing a company culture that has won CultureIQ’s Top Company Culture award for two consecutive years. He has mentored countless engineers and introduced Agile at several companies. He’s most proud of being the father of two wonderful kids.