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Idea Bounce

Judges: Tobin Geatz, Kevin Carlson, Ann Revell-Pechar
Event Date(s)
2:30 PM EST
Friday, November 15
BAC Annex Down

Are you one of those humans who get your best ideas in the shower? Ever wonder how to make it happen? They say it’s hard to know a good thing when you see it…even Ronald Wayne, Apple’s 3rd cofounder sold his 10% stake for $800 after the first week. What if you got a chance to be heard by the people who are trained to know what the next big thing looks like?

Idea Bounce provides an opportunity for people to share their creative new business idea with qualified judges and a general audience.  Only 8 individuals will get the opportunity to explain their idea in two minutes or less, answer questions and receive insightful feedback. If your idea beats out the others, you will receive a two hour working lunch with the Seahawk Innovation Team.

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Kevin Carlson, Chief Development Officer for the Housing Authority of the City of Wilmington. Contributing to the achievement of successful outcomes, improving effectiveness, and advancing team members are the three most important passions of Kevin’s professional life. He has recruited, developed, and led cross-functional teams in multiple sectors that delivered over $140M in new business creating $300M in shareholder value within four years of launch. A wizened veteran of 11 start-up and emerging businesses, he has developed and implemented go to market and successful growth strategies across multiple business sectors.

Tobin Geatz, Co-Founder & General Partner of Seahawk Innovation. Tobin has an extensive background in business start-ups, expansions, and technology applications. He was founder and Chairman of the Board of PharmaTech Solutions in 1999; he then became CEO and Chairman of the Board of Inclinix, Inc. He has been instrumental in the founding and development of several successful ventures, introducing innovative technologies to improve operating processes, including the Inclinix VMR™ technology. Tobin’s venture capital experience includes his role as a Special General Partner at Aurora Funds II, a $75MM technology venture fund, and as a LP investor in two additional venture funds. Tobin has also founded, funded, operated, and successfully exited several companies including Applied Chemical Solutions, Supercritical Systems, Discrete Wireless, and Inclinix.

Ann Revell-Pechar, President, Fluent PR is a storyteller, positioning products and companies to their greatest reputation. She guides brands that included tech giants, innovators and venture capitalists, and introduced to market more than 250 products worldwide. Among the many companies she has represented in Wilmington are CloudWyze, MyBeeHyve, Adam Shay CPA, Swell Systems, Top to Bottom Business Solutions, Blaze Advisors and Castle Branch. Local volunteerism includes Chair of Cape Fear Economic Development Council, mentor at UNCW’s CIE, Executive Producer of the first TEDx Airlie, two years on the board for Cucalorus Connect, and founding member of Cape Fear Women in Tech (CFWIT). She has a Master of Public Administration and a BA in Theatre.