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Influence of Design

Colin Allen, Erin Kennedy, Gon Kim, Stephanie Jarrett
Event Date(s)
1:00 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
BAC Annex Down

How can design influence the experience of a product? The product design team at nCino, a cloud-banking software company, shares their wisdom of how storytelling is vital to the design process.    


With a degree in film studies from UNC Wilmington, Colin Allen’s love for storytelling has allowed him to parse different professional avenues of creativity. It was while living in NYC in 2014, he transitioned his career from motion pictures to user experience within digital products. Having spent time in the agency and startup world, he took the leap back down south and joined nCino where he is leveraging best product design in the commercial banking portfolio. On the side he loves playing music, being in the water, and encouraging others to think outside the box.

Gon Kim’s interest in human behavior led to his degree in psychology at the University of North Carolina, where he also discovered his love for research to understand why people do what they do. He uses his research and design chops at nCino to ask the right questions and design solutions to help bankers get their stuff done. When he’s not solving banker problems, he travels the world or spends time at home with his new pup who is the cutest thing in the world.

With a diverse background in the design realm, Stephanie Jarrett joined nCino in August 2018. After copious amounts of coffee, her workdays consist of research and the delivery of customer-centric design solutions within the consumer-facing and retail banking portfolio. She offers a relentless voice for design-driven solutions and process tactics with teams, and a dash of Mean Girl quotes. Outside of nCino, Stephanie is a dedicated cat and plant mom, loves illustrating, gaming, and conquering intimidating challenges, like public speaking.

Erin Kennedy is a product designer working as a passionate advocate for user experience at an agile software company whose mission is to disrupt the industry of cloud banking. She studied cognitive science and studio art at the University of Virginia and briefly considered a career as a chef and olympic weightlifting instructor until a benevolent career counselor directed her passion for visual art and human cognition towards the field of design. Now she spends her days whiteboarding user interfaces, drawing sharpie tattoos, and riding her motorcycle around downtown Wilmington.