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Media in the Age of Digital Disruption

Tom Haberstroh and Will Brinson
Running Time:60:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:30 AM EST
Thursday, November 9

The media industry — starting with print and music but now spreading to TV and film — has been upended by new technology over the past 20 years. Our panelists, two national multi-platform experts for Spotlight Media Ventures, Bleacher Report and CBS Sports, respectively, answer the top-of-mind questions raised by this disruptive era. How do people get their news and information now? How will they get their sports and entertainment programming in the future? What’s the impact this is having on media brands big and small?


Tom Haberstroh is the North Carolina-based co-founder of Spotlight Media Ventures as well as a writer-at-large for Bleacher Report. Will Brinson is an NFL writer and a personality for CBS Sports who also lives in North Carolina. Together, they have nearly 200,000 Twitter followers.