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Morning Wellness

White Rabbit Trips
Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
8:30 AM EST
Thursday, November 14
BAC Main
8:30 AM EST
Friday, November 15
BAC Main

Join us for a refreshing start to your festival day. Relax and engage.


White Rabbit Trips all started when a group of Wilmington yogis stayed at a beach house one night to celebrate the full moon. When they arrived, they noticed the sign on the front deeming the name of the house White Rabbit. At the end of the night, the group gravitated towards the ocean to meditate overlooking the water + the moon. That got them thinking about the symbolism behind the White Rabbit + meditation. Of course, there’s the fairy tale reference but no matter how we look at it, the White Rabbit is always in a hurry + in search of something. What we know through both the fictional character + through yoga + meditation is…the only way out is in. White Rabbit Trips events + retreats are all mindfully organized to illustrate that through introspection + meditation (or going down the rabbit hole of our minds), we can really begin to end the search for what + who we are + why we’re all here. We hope you’ll join us. Namaste.