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Rocket Pitch

Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:30 PM EST
Thursday, November 8

Fast-paced pitch competition. Watch startups go head-to-head with just 90 seconds and one slide to capture audience votes.

Presented in conjunction with the All Conference Keynote, Speaking the Same Language: Connecting with Technology Brands Today, featuring Susan Ellis and Charlie Fink.

Atlantic Biotechnology supports sustainable ornamental aquaculture to decrease the need for wild reef harvests. A pioneer innovator in propagating and arresting early life stages to make culturing of elusive species possible.

Drumwaiter by Product Airlift Systems, Inc. A product that levitates bulk material to the operator.

myBeeHyve is changing the way network marketers manage contacts, connect with prospects and build their business. A contact management system unlike any other, built specifically to address the needs of the growing network marketing community.

NEATCap Medical, LLC is a medical device development and manufacturing company with a primary focus on neonatal health care and especially for preterm infants. Its first product is NEATCap, a passive noise protection system for premature infants.

opiAID leverages AI to AID in the fight against opioid abuse. With a butt-based communication platform and a wearable health technology, opiAID will be capable of improving the coordination of care and improving outcomes for those suffering with the disease of addiction. In this battle everyone is a “partner” in the fight or a “neighbor” personally struggling with the disease.

QuoteQuest is an innovative proprietary platform that connects buyers and suppliers of construction materials and services.

Student Success Agency bridges support services to the digital world to modernize how school districts provide students the necessary services they need for academic, career and life success.

Support The Port Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that aims to enhance, cultivate and provide a renewed sense of community ownership and excellence for underserved communities through the arts, philanthropy and scholarship.