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Seahawk Innovation – SportGait and ERBITs

Tobin Geatz
Running Time:60:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 AM EST
Friday, November 10

SportGait (http://www.sportgait.com) is LifeGait’s first commercial solution. SportGait is a unique safe-to-safe concussion management system (CMOS) where all critical clinical observations and decisions for youth athletes are removed from the playing field. The SportGait app gives parents, coaches and administrators clear guidance on when and where to take the athlete based on Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) criteria. Our Medical app integrates state-of-the-art validated measurement technologies, conveniently putting them in the hands of medical professionals. The two apps communicate, enabling parent/provider interface during the critical treatment and monitoring periods. The SportGait CMOS fully complies with state laws for removal from and return to activity/play following suspected concussions. Additionally, SportGait CMOS is designed to integrate all new and future approved technologies that can aid the medical community in diagnosis or treatment of concussion. SportGait’s value was first proven with the help of our partner, Medac Health (http://medachealth.com) in Wilmington, NC.

ERBITS is building the world’s first wearable technology that can stop crime in progress in collegiate and communal environments. More that one in four college-aged women worldwide will be the victim of sexual assault. ERBITS is the only wearable to have a global GSM cellphone watch, integrated forensic DNA marking technology, and a patent pending, always-ready activation system contained within a universally accepted form-factor. The ERBIT notifies the police, who can catch the perpetrator while tracking and communicating with the victim. It crowdsources people who can actually prevent the crime: your friends who are nearby. It even records the event. ERBITS was founded by Seahawk, SeekerDNA, and our partner, Micron Electronics.

Brendan Collins is the President & CEO of mimijumi. He is also Tobin Geatz’s partner at Seahawk Innovation finding, funding and growing early stage companies. He moved to Wilmington from London, UK where he co-founded WindRose Capital to source and structure early stage investments in African and South American energy and infrastructure projects. He received his MBA from INSEAD where he studied in France and Singapore. He has three boys aged six, five and two (and a half).

Chris Newton is the President & CEO of SportGait, Inc. He has led three vastly different companies in the Biotech, Software, IoT and Environmental markets by creating a diverse set of products and services taking each company from pre-revenue to multimillion dollar revenues – each company led in its emerging markets or in the transformation of an existing market. He is also the father of two youth athletes.

Stuart Wollach is the President & CEO of Erbit Technologies Limited (Erbits). Prior to this he worked with nascent companies as a startup consultant, helping other entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses. The first part of his career was spent in investment banking and asset management. He lives in London, UK with his wife and daughter.