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The Art of the Requirements Workshop

Craig Zdanowicz, Daniel O'Sullivan, Brett Dooies, Blake Fortier
Running Time:60:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
2:30 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
BAC Annex Down

In this interactive design workshop, experience some of the strategies employed to bring the best ideas out of anyone, leveraging their knowledge and experience to create new and exciting ways of doing business. Experience firsthand how to collaborate with customers to develop the best user experience in your application.


Brett Dooies leads a team of product managers helping to transform the consumer banking landscape by developing intuitive and efficient software for bankers and customers alike. As a product manager, Brett’s job involves understanding the challenges the financial services industry is facing, working with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders to develop creative and delightful solutions to those problems, and collaborating with development teams to deliver functionality that solves those problems. If he was forced to describe his function in one word, that word would be empathy. But no one is forcing him to do that, he can use as many words as he likes. Find out more about how product managers help solve real world problems in this session.

Blake Fortier leads a team of product managers at nCino focusing on the commercial banking portfolio.

Daniel O’Sullivan is the Senior Product Design Lead for the retail portfolio of products at nCino. He has become a thought leader in the UX field through his design experience and innovative approach to solving complex challenges. The design methodology he created, “UX Distilling,” is used by design and UX professionals around the world and has been featured by industry leaders including IBM and InVision. Daniel has provided consulting services to global enterprise companies in the financial services, construction, and travel industries, enabling them to actualize their goals of a delightful digital experience.

Craig Zdanowicz leads and manages the Product Design team at nCino. After starting a path towards astrophysics he made a switch to focus on more creative outlets. Craig obtained his Master’s degree in Interactive Media and now blends critical problem solving, technical skills, and creative abilities towards developing great design in technology. While focusing on product design for enterprise applications, he’s also had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in the field including research papers, branding, marketing plans, web design and development in both consumer and enterprise spaces.