Convento is screening at The 65th annual Edinburgh International Film Festival. Director Jarred Alterman shepherds the audience to this inspirational sanctuary, leading them by the eyes. Throughout the film’s body he weaves micro-narratives: scenes that are uniquely lit, filmed, edited, and scored, fortifying each with its own personality, and providing the Zwanikkens with their own personal visual diaries. Alterman’s concern for an honest and faithful representation of this incredible place is obvious. His frames have the composition, color, and complexity of paintings, except his move. Not one fountain’s spray or one sculpture’s gaze unfelt, not one birdsong unheard. He creates an intoxicating serenity through motion, allowing the audience to meditate upon what they are seeing and hearing as it is happening.  

Watch the trailer:

C O N V E N T O / trailer from Jarred Alterman on Vimeo.

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