*~*Cucalorians 2012 *~* Meet the Staff


What does it take to make a film festival happen? Well aside from the endless supply of glitter, the Stacker2 sponsorship, and all the leftover spaghetti…. it takes a crew of mudbloods and dopplegangers to organize the madness that is about to ensue. So in an effort to welcome you to the inside of our brains, we would like to cordially introduce you to our agents of chaos.

Ash McGuire

A 2 year box office volunteer, Ash is now tackling (with enthusiasm!) the role of Programming Coordinator for this year’s Cucalorus. Ash will be in charge of processing all of your lovely entries, organizing and overseeing the programming process and spontaneously tap-dancing around the office. On her off days Ash can be found wandering around Cape Fear Community College downtown doing a wee bit of schoolwork, wrestling with her golden puppy, watching movies, reading books, and writing her bestselling memoir. 
1. Where were you last seen?
        on mars
2. What’s for breakfast?
        your mom
3. What is the weirdest thing in your purse/wallet?
        freakers have overrun my purse. I have no room for anything else.
4. Fill in the __________________________________.
        stuffed french toast.
5. What is your favorite smell?
        stuffed french toast.
6. Does Ja Rule?
        does Snoop, Dogg?
7. What is the optimal microwave time for popcorn?
        37 years
8. What is your earliest memory of getting in trouble?
9. Essay Question: What is the Capital Nebraska?
        what the French, toast?
110. Who would win in a cook-off, Vin Diesel or Will Smith?
        Dwayne (The Rock.) Johnson
123982. What song would you prefer to get into a bar fight to?
        Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”