Cucalorus Announces Call for Seasonal Staff


Are you interested in marketing, operations, event planning, and learning about the endless details that go into creating a five-day film, performance and technology festival? Do you enjoy working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, dive in, and spend this fall in a truly immersive creative environment? Then Cucalorus wants you! Send us your resume!

Cucalorus seeks to fill seasonal contract positions for the 24th annual Cucalorus Festival, November 7-11, 2018. The Cucalorus Training Institute provides on-the-job skill building for creative professionals from a wide range of industries. To apply, please send a resume (PDF) and a cover letter to Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Interviews start immediately.


Connect Coordinator
The Connect Coordinator manages the artistic programming of the Connect Conference and works closely with the Executive Director, Programming Director and key members of the Connect Board to support the curation of key speakers. The Connect Coordinator works with appropriate staff to support all communications for submitting and participating entrepreneurs and works with the Executive Director and Programming Director to make final selections and to organize the schedule of events. The Connect Coordinator is responsible for leading, managing and developing content for the Connect portion of the festival program guide, website and other promotional materials for the festival and foundation activities. 

Engagement Coordinator
The Engagement Coordinator organizes Cucalorus’ free outreach programs in the community and will sometimes serve as host and facilitator for Engagement events. This includes Media Literacy for elementary school students, Global Perspective for high school students, Latino Lens for the Hispanic/Latino community, and Kidsalorus for films made by and/or for youth. The Engagement Coordinator also organizes community screening for our VOICES films (social justice documentaries).

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator manages the identification and cultivation of at least 200 volunteers for the festival and all events leading up to the festival. They will create a master volunteer schedule and provide clear, consistent communication to all festival departments to help meet their volunteer needs. The Volunteer Coordinator will deepen relationships with existing volunteers, new volunteers, and seek out opportunities to cultivate volunteers of all ages, races, genders and socioeconomic statuses.

Jengo’s Playhouse Manager
The Jengo’s Manager organizes and executes the management of a 5-building campus known as Jengo’s Artists Retreat in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Jengo’s Manager performs various levels of regular cleaning and tidying of the campus, including but not limited to light housecleaning, heavy cleaning, trash collection, laundry, and making of beds. The Jengo’s Manager is the main point of contact between guests, resident artists, and rental clients who come to stay at Jengo’s Artist Retreat. Depending on the skills and interests of the Jengo’s Manager, various projects could be undertaken including painting, carpentry, machine work, technology improvements, landscaping, plumbing, etc.

Venue Managers
The venue manager for each venue will be responsible for coordinating with head of screenings, screenings coordinators, ushers, box office, and tech during the festival to ensure operations and screenings move smoothly. Each venue will have specific duties tailored to the venue. All venue managers are responsible for organizing and managing pre-fest clean ups of the venues and post fest walk through clean ups of the venues.

Technical Operator
Tech Operators will directly assist the tech coordinator at events leading up to and during festival. This position requires a reasonable understanding of projection equipment, audio, aspect ratios, and screening formats, etc. This position will require availability of 6 hours a week prior to the festival, full availability for day/night of events prior to the festival, and flexible availability during the dates of Nov 5th-15th.

Box Office Coordinator (Position Filled)
The Box Office Coordinator handles all work related to ticket sales, ticket printing, and passholder ticket redemptions, and will serve as the public face for all Box Office operations leading up to and during the festival. The Box Office Coordinator must have a thorough and clear understanding of festival pass and ticket policies and is responsible for clearly communicating these policies to the general public through the website, ticket outlets, press releases, etc.