Cucalorus is Hiring for Vital Positions Within the Team!


Cucalorus is looking for humans to fill Seasonal Contract positions for the 23rd annual Cucalorus Festival, taking over downtown Wilmington November 8-12, 2017!! Cucalorus is a five-day showcase of bold, innovative filmmakers, performers and entrepreneurs! All seasonal staff members receive Pegasorus VIP passes and will have access to screenings, performances and speakers throughout the festival. One of the great benefits of the Cucalorus experience is meeting creative leaders in film, theatre, tech, banking and more. Seasonal staff members gain valuable on-the-job training in a number of different industries from event planning to hospitality. Also, it’s a great chance to meet potential employers and collaborators from all over the world!! 


The following are volunteer, seasonal contract positions. The time required ranges from 5-10 hrs per week leading up to the festival. Email resumes, a brief paragraph about why you’d like the position, and a silly .gif to Jamie at!! 

Available Awesomeness 


Bar Manager – Maintain organized, stocked, and staffed bars at our Cucalorus events! 

 Party Coordinator – Organize social events that bring Cucalorians together in weird and wonderful    ways! 

 Transportation Coordinator – Get Cucalorians where they need to go, when they need to go! 

 Food and Beverage Coordinator – Manage libation and food supplies for all Cucalorus events! 

 WiP Coordinator – Handle all of the logistics for our exceptional Works-in-Progress participants! 

 Signage Coordinator – Hang banners and signs and make sure we all know where we are! 

 Emcee Coordinator – Manage the schedule for our incredible emcee’s! 

 Jengo’s Manager – Prepare and host all the late night wonders at our home base! 

 Filmmaker Hospitality – Hold hands with all the coolest cats and make sure they have what they need to party on… 

 Filmmakers Lounge Coordinator – Organize all the food and drinky details for the chillest spot. 

 Print Traffic – Handle all of the films as they travel in and out of the festival! 

 Digital Media Coordinator  – Create, deliver, and organize all electronic media! 

 Connect Box Office Coordinator – Handles all registration and ticketing for the tech conference! 

 Connect Technical Coordinator – Plans and operates all A/V equipment at Daniels Hall and in the Breakout Rooms! 

 Connect Signage Coordinator – Ensure that Connect banners catch all the eyeballs! 

 Connect Social Media Coordinator – Spread social love and hashtags for days! 

 Connect Catering Coordinator – Works with UNCW Catering to deliver deliciousness!