Cucalorus is now hiring a Marketing Coordinator


Hire Date: August 2022
Contract position: Marketing Coordinator
Contractor Hourly Rate: $20 / hour
Estimated hours per week: 15

General Job Description: The Marketing Coordinator will work closely with the Chief Instigating Officer and the Communications Manager to execute and print key marketing materials in a timely manner. The Marketing Coordinator will be expected to take existing graphic resources and create new layouts, sizes and documents as needed. The Marketing Coordinator should have at least three years of experience using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. The Marketing Coordinator may also be required to create and edit video, hang banners, participate in workgroup meetings, and perform other tasks as needed to support the communications departments work and the general work of the Cucalorus Film Foundation. The Communications Manager and the Chief Instigating Officer will review and approve all graphic designs before printing or publishing. The Marketing Coordinator will be required to work events that take place at night and on weekends. The Marketing Coordinator will be part of a collaborative team that works across all departments to host events that include performances, screenings and parties.

*The Marketing Coordinator is an independent contractor providing a service to Cucalorus. In order to receive payment, the contractor must send a detailed invoice outlining the services provided to Cucalorus. Monthly invoicing is preferred. Invoices are processed in 30 days or less. Invoices should only be sent for work that has already been completed. After the completion of the contract period, the contractor will meet with the Executive Director to review completion of key responsibilities and to evaluate significant outcomes. During this post-festival download, the parties will discuss and explore future opportunities within the organization.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to