Cucalorus presents…THE RÖKGÄRTËN PARTY


It’s getting warm, and we’re getting antsy to engage in the kind of low-key, highly fermented bacchanalia that only Jengo’s Backyard can provide. So we bring you…


Saturday, April 11th

Gates open at 2pm

Jengo’s Playhouse (815 Princess Street)

Check our Facebook event for updates and to pledge your allegiance to the party.



Ditch the azaleas and get down at this feel-good grunge fest featuring…

  • Home tours:: see the Pink House, Yolohaus, and Cottage like never before with tours led by DannyBoy himself. Enjoy each property’s personality in the form of surprising solids and luscious liquids.
  • Pet rock adoption and decorating. We’ve got lots of rocks – and paint, googly eyes, glitter, and other accouterments to cutesify (or de-cutesify) those rocks.
  • THE ROCK BLOCK (Rock-themed film festival):: make a short film and we’ll show it on the big screen for all your friends to see. Only rules are the films must be “rock” related and less than twenty seconds. This can be a pre-party or during-party production.
  • Sweet tunes from local band FREE CLINIC!
  • Badminton, cornhole, etc. for your yard game pleasure
  • Dwayne Johnson activities
  • Off-the-hook parking across from Jengo’s
  • …and MORE!



Party like Dwayne Johnson and give spring the Rock Bottom at Rökgärtën. See you there!

He’s waiting for you…