Cucalorus’ Red Carpet drinks set to debut on Sunday


We’re pleased to introduce some of the fabulous and fizzy craft cocktails that will make their debut Sunday at Cucalorus Film Foundation’s annual fundraiser, “An Evening on the Red Carpet!”

And the cocktails are …

Wolf of Wall Street” – Whether you think Martin Scorsese’s latest flick is a reckless celebration of excess or a scathing critique of Wall Street, this fruity concoction will make you wish you were a financial-sector king. Midnight Moon Original and Galliano merge with mango juice and a blood-orange slice to create this lustful-lip tango.

American Hustle” – This cocktail continues the full-throttle ride that is David O. Russell’s swirling amphetamine high of a movie about chicanery in the late 1970s. Y’all will want to go back for seconds. A sensational mix of Midnight Moon Apple Pie, Italian red vermouth, Marasca cherry (thanks Manna!), an orange wedge, a sugar cube and Murray’s aromatic bitters.

Gravity” – This visually inspiring sci-fi spectacle and its stellar leading lady, Sandy Bullock, inspired one of our favorite combinations. The result is a little sweet and a little sassy. Midnight Moon Original, a pinch of mint, Murray’s aromatic bitters, fresh lime, simple syrup, topped with ginger beer.

Captain Phillips” – Based on a true story of a hijacking by Somali pirates, this jittery thriller may leave you shaken, but our cocktail is here to soothe those frayed nerves. Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine and delicious maple syrup (waffles anyone?!) morph with fresh lemon juice and Murray’s aromatic bitters in a distinctive concoction that’s as comforting as Tom Hanks.

“Nebraska” – Never been to Nebraska? Neither have we, but the sense of place in Alexander Payne’s latest work is unshakable. The story’s melancholy tone and Bruce Dern’s cantankerous portrayal of Woody Grants inspired this bitter, yet sweet, mixture. Midnight Moon Apple Pie, cognac, simple syrup, Murray’s Aromatic Bitters, Peychaud’s Bitters.

Philomena” – Judi Dench, a treasure who shines in this wrenching, but funny drama, inspired one of our most complicated concoctions. To all our classy, bad-ass lady friends: this one’s for you. Midnight Moon Original, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, Italian white vermouth, Murray’s Pom Grenadine, topped with dry sparkling wine.

Our talented mixologists have worked tirelessly to bring you these delightful libations AND three MORE crafty cocktails in honor of the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees “Her,” “12 Years a Slave” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” but we’ve gotta keep those under wraps until Sunday, y’all.

An Evening on the Red Carpet” jumps off at 7:30 p.m. March 2 at Wilmington’s EUE/Screen Gems Studios. If you haven’t already done so, reserve your seat for $100 or get the special lovers discount for couples for $180! Proceeds from the fundraiser support the 20th annual Cucalorus Film Festival, hosted in Wilmington, N.C., Nov. 12-16, 2014.

Until next time – cheers and see you on the red carpet!