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Cucalorus Stage Application

Cucalorus has a long history of showcasing outlandish, alternative, heartwarming and original new performers. Festival favorites like Dance-a-lorus, Bus to Lumberton, and Visual/Sound/Walls distinguish Cucalorus as a venue for exploration at the boundaries between music, theatre, dance, comedy, performance, installation, and film. Cucalorus Stage is expanding our performance program, bringing the same rigorous, intentional curation to our live events as we do to our screenings. We’re interested in all kinds of performances: stand-up, storytelling, music, cabaret, theatre, comedy, happenings, installations, live art, and more! We’re especially looking for new works, North Carolina or Wilmington premieres, works that speak to current political concerns, and fringy-er experiences. Creative crowd surfing encouraged. For more information about this application, please take a peek at our Submission Guidelines!


2020 Cucalorus Stage Application
Please choose the category that seems most relevant for your application. We realize that some applications may be relevant across many categories within the Stage program and the overall festival.
Choreographer, director, band manager, etc.
This is how we will contact you.
Twitter, Instagram, etc.
How you want the work to be billed.
min:sec (ex. 60:00) — Set length, ideal installation duration, etc.
25 words or less
125 words or less
Please list all previous performances, including venues and dates, of the work you are submitting. If the work will premiere at Cucalorus, please note.
If shown at Cucalorus in November 2020, what would be the premiere status?
50 words or less — for lead artists, or company/collective
Please list the above and their roles in the project.
Equipment you will provide or the equipment you need, specific flooring, how long it would take to install/tech and strike your work, do you need additional rehearsal time, ect.

Work Sample

Please provide a work sample of your proposed work — up to 5 minutes in length. For example, you may provide a link to video of performance footage, or a link to music for bands, or a link to video documentation of your installation. If you don't have any work samples of your proposed work, please submit a past work and speak to how it relates to your proposed project in the work sample description. You may also upload a PDF of your script. Please reach out to brighid@cucalorus.org if you have any questions about what to submit.
Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud, ect
If applicable.
Please note the 5:00 minutes you would like us to review. For example, if your submitted work is 20:00 minutes long, you can enter 12:00- 17:00.
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Use this space to upload a PDF of your script, a deck, or relevant documentation.
Please describe your submitted work samples. For example, let us know if your video is of rehearsal footage, or if you are uploading images that document your installation design and floorpan.


Cucalorus requests information about race, ethnicity, and gender in order to achieve greater equity across a range of different communities with a focus on supporting female artists, artists of color, gender diversity, and other underrepresented populations of the industry.
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