Make Way for “Black Silkie Shorts” at Thalian Main


The Black Silkie chicken is named for its fluffy, silky plumage and due to its temperament, has been designated an ideal pet. The best of the best, you might say. (No need to fret, Izzie, the only chickens coming to Jengos during Cucalorus will have waffles on the side.)

That same trend will carry over to the “Black Silkie Shorts,” a collection of masterfully crafted films intent on taking you to the streets of distinguished story telling.

Times Like Dying

Jim Cody Williams stars in “Times Like Dying”

Some highlights from the lineup include:

• The world premiere of “Times Like Dying,” a gritty, post-Civil War narrative that takes place in the backwoods of Appalachia, North Carolina. The film’s story is set in motion by a desperate bank robbery that leads an exhausted mangy gang to find shelter in the farmhouse of a frail and sickly U.S. Marshal. Key cast and crew will attend the screening, including local filmmaker Evan Vetter, producer Anthony Reynolds, and featured actor Jim Cody Williams (“Dodgeball,” “Pirates of the Caribbean.”)

• The N.C. premiere of “The Gunfighter” a western-comedy complete with raunchy saloon-goers and an audible, bloodthirsty narrator.


Clive, a possessed squirrel in “Satan Has a Bushy Tail.”

• “Satan Has a Bushy Tail,” a wickedly-fun and charming buddy comedy about grandparents, death and a possessed vengeful squirrel named Clive. Filmmaker Louis Paxton will be in attendance to answer audience questions.


The intense stare of a Donkey searching your soul in “Choreography.”

• “Choreography” an experiential documentary in which donkeys actively return the filmmaker’s gaze, showing everyday moments of how the animals avoid becoming “caught” and transformed into an “unaware” or “natural” image.

• “The Dandelion,” from Belgian filmmaker Sophie-Clementine Dubois explores how to save a restaurant with a hedgehog, a singing fish, and a little bit of imagination.

Black Silkie Shorts will screen at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 13 at Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Art’s main stage. Buy tickets here!


In “The Dandelion,” restaurant owner Marcel is devastated when he learns his beloved restaurant must close down.

Check out the full lineup of shorts for #Cucalorus20 on our website.