Dust Off Those Dancin’ Shoes, Y’all!


Hey you!  Were you born with a skip in your step and the sound of applause in your ears?  Do you tap dance down the grocery store aisles or pirouette on the beach?  …or did you basically spend your childhood dance lessons at the end of the barre, wishing the tights weren’t so itchy and wondering when the party started?

Well, bless your Cucalorian hearts, EITHER WAY your chance has come!


One word:  DANCE-A-LORUS.  Well, three words:  DANCE-A-LORUS DANCER AUDITIONS!  What the heck is a Dance-a-lorus? Well, Dance-a-lorus is the traditional opening night collaboration of Cucalorus Film Festival and The Dance Cooperative, a live Thalian Main Stage performance that spotlights the combined creative forces of choreographers and filmmakers from Southeastern North Carolina and other creative habitats.


Open dancer auditions (ages 16+) for the 2013 Dance-a-lorus concert are being held on Sunday, April 7 from 3-5pm at the Dance Cooperative (118 S. 17th Street)If you are interested in choreographing for Dance-a-lorus and wish to audition dancers, please give The Dance Cooperative a ring at 910.763.4995 the week before auditions.  A choreographer/filmmaker meeting will be held from 2:30-3:00 before auditions, and the studio will open at 2:30 for self-led warm up.

So!  Get your dancin’ shoes on (or go barefoot!), grab a friend, and grand jeté on over to the Dance Coop on Sunday, April 7th!


For more information or questions, please contact:

(910) 763-4995 or