Early Selections coming out soon…



Stay tuned friends and get your ear balls and eyeholes rebooted. We’ll be announcing early selections for this year’s Cucalorus Film Festival in just a few days!

Early selections have been selected by vincent diesel and vlad putin – international selection selectors. Vin & Vlad were assisted by fifty programmers from all over the world have been sifting through more than 1600 entries from 67 countries, swimming through an incredible array of creative, inspiring, demented, delightful and thought-provoking films. Using a complex matrix of values and considerations, programmers and key staff build lists and lists and more lists, refining selections down to achieve the perfectly balanced mix of funny, fierce and forward. The festival values diversity of geography, race, gender, age, and a host of ephemeral notions in making final decisions – to deliver a challenging, singular, innovative and unexpected schedule of screenings and events.

Early selections include films from the newly launched Kids-a-lorus and revamped Convulsions programs to our VanguardVoices and Shorts programs, representing the finest in regional and international cinema for ages 7 and way way up. Further selections will be announced in late September and early October. The full festival schedule will be released at the Kickstarter/Birthday party on October 17. Tickets will also go on sale on this date!!

Savoring White Pants,
Team Cucalorus

p.s. happy labor day <3’s