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Nick Westfall
Magnolia :: Narrative Features
Running Time:81:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:00 AM EST
Thursday, November 8
Thalian Main
7:45 PM EST
Friday, November 9
Thalian Main

Company:​ Dock Street Productions
Writer/Director:​ Nick Westfall
Producer:​ Nick Westfall, Amber Patee Adams, Tamara Mercer
Starring:​ Jesse C. Boyd, Kathy Searle, Justin M Smith, Ethan Alexander McGee, Swift Rice, Tyra Colar, Sarah Jes Austell, and Harrison Stone
Sound Design/Mix: Studio Unknown

A stranger turns up in a Brunswick County pizzeria and endears himself with the locals. But to John, these locals are not fitting into the mystery man’s stereotypes, they are well read by any definition and well versed in the great American novels and European philosophers, each have a favorite and pick a moniker based on their authors’ name. As John finds his way into the ‘family’ it becomes clear he has a motive behind his travels and did not just stumble into Patronies Pizza searching for a job… Cimone Beauvoir confronts John wondering, “Who are you John Galt? and what are you doing here in Holden Beach, North Carolina?”

Short Before the Feature: Summer Vacation // Peter Campbell :: A boy and his masked friend live in a house in a white void.


This is writer/director Nick Westfall’s second feature film. His first debut at Cucalorus 22 was Dock Street Productions, ‘Finding Home’ starring Cullen Moss, Abel Zukerman and Tamara Mercer. Finding Home can be found VOD on HULU and Amazon Prime as well as hard sales at Amazon, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble.