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Bangs Shorts: Dance

Directors: Various
Shorts Blocks :: Vanguard
Running Time:87:23 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:30 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
Thalian Black

But First…
Director: Erin Brown Thomas / 4:48
Coffee literally changes the way I see, think, and interact with other people. But First… is my way of exploring this through two of my favorite mediums, film and dance.

Director: Dawn Westlake / 4:00
A breakdancer breaks…literally.

How to Never Stop Being Sad
Director: Mateo Davis / 3:12
A dance short made by a student at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Revel In Your Body
Director: Katherine Helen Fisher / 5:21
After being told by a well-known editorial photographer that the trampoline was off limits to them‚ two dancers in wheelchairs strap in and bounce away.

Director: Nathan Kim / 7:39
A woman blindly grasps for her way on a journey through darkness. Filmed in one continuous shot, Blink uses the language of dance to ponder the most universal of voyages.

Directors: Cara Hagan, Robert Uehlin / 6:14
invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.

Beyond This Moment
Directors: Alyona Amato, Erika Edwards / 8:50
A mother puts her two children to sleep and goes to bed. She begins dreaming of dancing and making art with her body. She’s woken by her children. Was it really just a dream?

Burden Halved
Director: Kitty McNamee / 8:23
Four dancers, each bearing their own burden, find comfort when their isolated experiences converge in a lush, emotionally intense exchange.   

Director: Jun Bae / 7:50
An introspection of freedom, culture, and identity through the minds of raw battle b-boys in the Bay Area.

In Dog Years I’m Dead
Director: Kenji Ouellet / 13:11
Young ballet dancers comment on their training with quotes from known personalities ranging from Kim Kardashian or Therese of Avila to Mikhail Baryschnikov.

From There to Here
Directors: Janique L Robillard, Sydney Skov / 17:55
A courageous group of women in Kolkata, India use dance therapy to empower survivors of sex trafficking and violence.