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Binky Shorts: Animation

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:76:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:45 AM EST
Sunday, November 14
Thalian Black

A Hand To Hold
Stacey Davis, Ali Clark

Told from alternating points of view, this animated short explores the connective thread of hand holding between parent and child.  When mother and child release hands – and enjoy the freedom that comes from letting go – they do so knowing they will always be joined.

Ezra Edmond

Ezra is excited to bring homemade latkes to class to celebrate Hanukkah during his school holiday party. The only problem is that Ezra is Black & Jewish (aka Blewish), which confuses his classmates, who celebrate Christmas. But when Ezra meets two other blewish siblings he realize authentic self can help others.

Skin to Skin
Mel Arranz

Between lines and shapes, hands touch, they explore and experience each other, wanting to break down the boundaries between their skin.

Leah Shore

“Thirty-five years after Moon-walking astronauts placed special reflectors on the lunar surface, scientists have used these devices to test Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity to unprecedented accuracy. The findings, which also confirm theories from Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, may help explain physical laws of the universe and benefit future space missions.” – Nasa

Jack Dunphy

A tale of lust, eating disorders, crossing boundaries and tiny toy dinosaurs.

Zach Dorn

A pop star’s use of a song by a long-forgotten folk singer leads to profound changes for the singer’s family.

Jasmine Elsen

Rose grows up with her snails in the park. Their park. One day she is attacked by intruders. Or is it the other way around? A film about dehumanization.

Our Mine
Shayna Strype

This piece tells the story of a mine from the mountain’s perspective through animation and live puppetry. In this ecofeminist tragicomedy, the female body transforms into the landscape and characters and the lines blur between fable and reality.

Tsz Wing Ho

A 2D abstract animation which is accompanied by the song, “Sekktortjek” composed by Mads Lindgren. The idea of the work is to present the weird beauty of hand creatures composed of gestures, geometric shapes and abstract patterns in order to create a surreal journey for the audience.

Randall Dottin, Luisa Dantas

Set in the near-future, Beau Voda, a utopian world where every aspect of life is powered by water. Teenager, Blaze, reluctantly steps into the esteemed role of Water Bearer with the help of their sister. But when the magical water is tampered with, they discover that their idealistic community may not be as magnanimous as they think.