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Black Magic for White Boys

Director: Onur Tukel
Narrative Features :: Vanguard
Running Time:105:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
3:45 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
Thalian Ballroom
9:30 PM EST
Sunday, November 17
Thalian Black

Writer: Onur Tukel
Producer: Gigi Graff
Cinematographer: Jason Banker
Cast: Ronald Guttman, Onur Tukel, Lou Jay Taylor, Charlie LaRose, Leah Shore, Karl Jacob,
Kevin Corrigan

An aging magician is about to lose his small New York theater, but has a devilish plan to save it. A middle-aged man finds his sovereignty in jeopardy when he impregnates a woman he barely knows. A real estate mogul is frustrated that he can’t raise the rent on this tenants. These characters converge in a bizarre comic tale about testing boundaries, gentrification, and how old New York is fading away. Full of Tukel’s outlandish jabs at mainstream culture and politics, this film has a sci-fi vibe that harkens back to 60s and 70s television. This one tickles, stabs and shocks all the way to the end with plenty of misogynistic charades. Hang on tight for a full dose of weird, devious, and clever Tukel magic.


Onur Tukel makes movies, art, children’s books and spaghetti. He’s middle aged and out of shape but still believes in the power of art, humanity and fried chicken. He thinks the most neglected political issue right now is “cell phones in movie theaters.” They should be banned. Period. He lives in NY but his heart remains in NC.

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