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Wanjiru Njendu
Running Time:6:09 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 AM EST
Friday, November 9
Thalian Main
4:15 PM EST
Sunday, November 11
Thalian Black

Writer/Producer: Wanjiru Njendu
Associate Producer: Benjamin Onyango & Maggie Manyan
Cinematographer: Bongani Mlambo
Editor: Hanna Sturwold
Composer: Dara Taylor

The story is a fictionalized Narrative of Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom in 1849. The film was shot as a psychological thriller. The film was shot MOS on location ,with all voice, ADR and sound recorded and designed in post-production to enable us to capture the authenticity of the time period and the fear that Henry would have gone through during this treacherous journey.

Screening in: Salak Shorts