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Butt Cut Shorts: Comedy

Directors: Various
Magnolia :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:84:50 minutes
Event Date(s)
9:45 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
Thalian Ballroom
10:15 PM EST
Saturday, November 16
Thalian Ballroom

Director: Bo Webb / 3:20
Two strangers at a coffee shop share a table and more.

Ask Ed
Director: Wesley Brown / 1:33
When a real estate broker hires an ad agency to create a commercial, the agency and director go rogue leaving it to Ed to piece the puzzle back together.

Pizza My Heart
Director: Holly Cole-Brown / 3:48
A woman attempts to save her failing restaurant by cutting out the middleman.

Push the Point
Director: Bryan Burton / 8:00
A musical set between the worlds of fandom and pop culture, following four online gamers through their squad-based mission.

Lady Hater
Director: Alexandra Barreto / 7:40
Sam, a self proclaimed “Guy’s Girl,” walks into the wrong room, and finds herself stuck in an all-female goddess seminar.

Director: Stacey Davis / 12:00
With her father dying of cancer, Helen has high hopes for the family’s last Easter together.

To Serve and Protect
Director: Kenneth Vatan-Woodall / 13:30
In this socio-political satire, a black security guard in an urban neighborhood pursues his dream of becoming an officer while raising his daughter.

Miracle Desert
Director: Mark Hosack / 12:59
Two would-be criminals buried up to their necks in the desert must outwit a dangerous lawman before the real killer arrives.

You Are Going To Explode
Director: Tayler Vee Robinson / 22:00
A depressed man searches for meaning to stave off his own spontaneous combustion.