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CONEJO (Rabbit)

Director: Carla Forte
Narrative Features
Running Time:87:17 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Saturday, November 14
Streaming On-demand

A director and an actress rehearse for a play called “Rabbit.” As they rehearse in total isolation and under grueling circumstances, two stories begin to develop and intertwine: the creation of a character, and the daily lives of those involved in its creation. Psychological abuse and mistreatment by the director soon bring the actress to a point where her deepest desires merge into the character she represents: the rabbit. An intriguing and complex study of the dangers of taking things too far and ignoring the boundaries between creation and self. Venezualan filmmaker and dancer Carla Forte returns to the festival with this dynamic and immersive cinematic journey full of experimental theatrics and striking visuals.