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Special Events
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4:00 PM EST
Sunday, November 14
Thalian Main

A cherished festival tradition, Dance-a-lorus pushes boundaries by pairing filmmakers and choreographers for a mutual exploration of cinema and dance. This live stage event encourages collaboration as a fundamental form of creative expression. From abstraction to documentary, this experimental showcase of the region’s most talented artists is a kinetic feast of innovation and entertainment.


Again with the L Word
Choreo: D’mitri Cápris & Tara Nobles
Filmmaker: Patrick Ogelvie

It’s just love. With a hint of comedy.

Event Horizon
Choreographer: Linda Ann Webb
Filmmaker/Editor: Patrick Ogelvie
Assistant Filmmaker: Mike Webb
Creative Team Members: Joel Vannfuller, Lily Nicole

What scientific hurdles did we overcome to catch the first glimpse of the swirling matter surrounding the black hole in galaxy Messier 87, a galaxy 53.49 million light years away from earth? How do these seemingly impossible images help us reflect on our current climate crisis solutions? Are we approaching our own ecological event horizon?

Choreographer: Tracey Varga
Filmmaker/Editor: Patrick Ogelvie
Creative Associate: Sam Shores

A look at plastic ocean pollution, hunger and homelessness with a focus on steps everyone can take to combat these important issues.

And Still, She Persists
Choreography & Filming: Sue Meier
Filmmaker: Molly Gumbert
Filming & Creative Consult: Joy Allen

Based on the art exhibition “She Persists” at the Cameron Art Museum in 2020 and early 2021, highlighting the 19th Amendment and the challenges still faced by women today.

Video and Dance by Mirla Criste

The second installment in a dance theatre series that began with “Loft” (Dance-a-lorus 2019). A memorial tribute to the dancemaker’s father, who passed in July 2018.

Vaguear Purus
Choreography: Nancy Carson
Digital Imaging by Jeramiah Roberts
Music by Arvo Pärt
Cylinder construction: Ross Helton

An immersive experience connecting dancers, music and interactive media for an expansive experience. Dancers interacting with live projections as they float through space to the beautiful music of Arvo Pärt.