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Dead in the Water

Lizzie Bankowski
Documentary Features :: Voices
Running Time:50:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:45 AM EST
Friday, November 9
Thalian Black

Director/Editor: Lizzie Bankowski
Producer: Jocabed Aragón
Director of Photography: Paige Marsicano
2nd Camera and Co-Editor: Itorobong Etim-Barbosa
Sound Mixer: Hanna Hearn

Over 2,000 hog and poultry CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) litter southeastern North Carolina. The animal waste from these farms is improperly managed and runs into the Cape Fear River, creating a threat to water quality and public health. These farms are hidden in rural counties where neighboring residents have little political voice or economic clout. Residents are subject to the odor and raw waste polluted from the farms.  Dead in the Water exposes the stories, science, and solutions behind these unsustainable, industrial farms. If we are to mitigate environmental damage, we need to start with the monster in our own backyard. There is a better way to access animal products without poisoning our water or endangering quality of life for people in these rural counties. The solution lies in the personal choices of those who consume animal products. It’s time to vote with our dollars and change the fate of Planet Earth.

Short Before the FeatureLife Rolls On: Back to the Water // Tony Morin :: All the commotion was thanks to the amazing program that is “Life Rolls On,” which creates a platform for adaptive athletes and other handi-capable people to get back into the ocean.


Lizzie Bankowski is a documentary filmmaker, nonfiction writer, and environmental advocate. Born and raised on the waterways of Virginia Beach, Virginia, she has cultivated a deep appreciation, respect, and love for Planet Earth. Lizzie uses documentary filmmaking to foster positive environmental and social change. Her films have played at Wilmington Female Filmmakers Collective ChickFlicks Festival, Visions Film Festival and Conference, and Gold Reel Student Film Festival. Lizzie is currently directing and editing a documentary short about sustainable seafood in Virginia Beach.