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Dewdrop Dapperling Shorts

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:67:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Sunday, November 22
Streaming On-demand

From a painter in Wilmington to a Syrian refugee, this collection of documentaries explore identity, romance, and food through the lives of ordinary folks in extraordinary circumstances. A brilliant collection of short portraits.


Khawla Al Hammouri, Louis Karim Sayad DeCaprio
After nearly a decade of conflict, Syrian refugee women are the most vulnerable amid the crisis. Thousands have lost their families and husbands, and now must provide for their children, alone in an unfamiliar country. Six Syrian women living in Jordan recount their personal stories of survival – from displacement, child-marriage, and trauma, to their resilience and hope to rebuild a better future for their children.

Ash Malone
After years of transitioning in front of a camera, Aydian Dowling discusses how allowing his transition to be visible via YouTube has helped the trans community as a whole grow in pride and allyship.

Lucía Archila Escobar
In the South Carolina Indigenous Guatemalan community, women face healthcare barriers that make it difficult to carry their pregnancies to term. Here, pregnant Erlinda longs for the familiar tastes of the nopal fruit, while Fabiana spends her days making tamales to get over a heartbreaking loss. An intimate look at family life, Tamales y Tunas asks what it means to make one’s way through motherhood far from the comforts of home.

Rodrigo Dorfman
Bulls and Saints is a lyrical documentary short based on a love letter written by an immigrant bull rider to his wife back home in Mexico.

Christina Capra
Look deeper into the many phases and processes of Elizabeth Darrow’s art work in this local documentary produced by Art in Bloom gallery.

Alisha Bhowmik
One afternoon, Alisha and Chris are hanging out on her fire escape when Alisha recalls a childhood anecdote revolving around her heritage. A short documentary about having a mixed identity that coalesces into an artist statement.