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Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks

Josh Crockett
Magnolia :: Narrative Features
Running Time:112:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 11
Thalian Main

Director/Co-writer: Josh Crockett
Co-writer: Jonathan Pappas
Producer: Ted Speaker
Producer: Dan Riesser
Producer: Kristin Slaysman
Cast: Kristin Slaysman, Scott Rodgers

After husband and wife aid workers, Dr. Brinks and Dr. Brinks, die in a plane crash, their grown children are reunited for the first time in years. It takes days for Marcus and Michelle Brinks to sort through the incomprehensible paperwork of their globe-trotting parents’ estate. That’s just enough time for Michelle to stir up her own trouble and start an affair with Marcus’ father-in-law. The resulting chaos is a fine distraction for the siblings who refuse to face the grief of losing parents they hardly knew. A comedy about tragedy.


Short Before the Feature: Missing Lefty // Mickey Bloom :: In a film acted out entirely with hands, Righty grieves for the loss of his friend Lefty. In the throws of an existential funk, he looks for answers and finds peace along the way.