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El Angel

Luis Ortega
Convulsions :: Narrative Features
Running Time:120:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 PM EST
Thursday, November 8

Writer/Director: Luis Ortega
Cinematographer: Julián Apezteguia
Editor: Guille Gatti
Producer: Agustin Almodovar & Pedro Almodovar
Cast: Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darin & Daniel Fanego

In 1971 Buenos Aires, charismatic 17-year-old Carlitos (Lorenzo Ferro, in his energizing debut) gets his kicks from robbing swanky houses… and committing serial murder. Inspired by the real-life “Angel of Death” (a tabloid nickname earned because of his golden curls and baby-faced swagger), this slick and brashly funny breakout from the Cannes Film Festival is as unnervingly seductive as its wicked teen antihero and his partner-in-crime Ramon. Imagine a sexually ambiguous, Spanish-language Bonnie & Clyde with a sleazy punk attitude and a propulsive soundtrack of ’60s and ’70s Argentinian rock-n-roll.

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