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El Father Plays Himself

Director: Mo Scarpelli
Documentary Features
Running Time:105:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
8:00 PM EST
Wednesday, November 11
Live Online

A young film director returns to Venezuela, inspired to make a film based on his father’s life in the Amazon jungle. He casts Father to play himself. What starts as an act of love and ambition — making a film to more deeply understand the self and the other — spirals out of control. Father struggles with addiction and the boundaries between filmmaking and real life get blurred, distorted and ripped away in this mesmerizing portrait of a boozy father and a son left picking up the pieces. Scarpelli skillfully upends the traditional doc format, holding a steady lens to the way the act of filmmaking unearths, binds, heals and destroys.

*A live QnA will follow this screening.