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Aaron Hillis

Aaron Hillis turned on, tuned in, dropped out, but still made it to work on time at the gluten-free jazz factory next to the sweetest smelling cemetery, hoo boy. He’s sorry about all the potholes in the road, which he invented as a child to ward off cruel sorcery and taxi drivers.

Betsy Holt

Betsy Holt is an actor/independent filmmaker/mermaid based in New Orleans where she lives with her partner, Spencer Crim and their dog Happy and cat Ozzy the Oyster.

Destinee Stewart

Destinee is a filmmaker and actress. Her work creates a space for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ female artists that fosters connection and expression. Influenced by her parents’ nonstop playing of gospel music, her art comes from a place of spirituality and play. She lives by the quote “We were made from creation; therefore we were made to create.”

Matt Malloy

A  meteorite crashed into an erupting underwater volcano.  Space rock and molten core fused into the first earthlings, of which we are many.

SheaRa NiChi

Dancer, Actress, Choreographer, Creative, and Director who have traveled to over 10 countries around the world to learn different form of traditional dance. This inspired her to create her own style of choreography called The Nichi Technique which combines traditional folkloric movements with contemporary and modern dance styles. SheaRa uses this method in order to express her stories told through dance, in hope to pull the audience into her pieces as an active part of the process.

Sophie Traub

Sophie Traub is a queer performing artist with a passion for impact-focused arts work. They are living in rural Southern Oregon with their spouse, scheming social change through performance.  Sophie is currently stewarding growth for their beloved artist residency organization, The School of Making Thinking (SMT) — if you see them, ask them about SMT!!! They are thrilled to be haunting their favorite festival yet again.

Omari Fox

The charismatic leader of the New Danger Arts Ensemble, the vocal heir apparent to the voice of Lord Vader, community organizer, painter and all around phone book narrator!

Zach Dorn

Zach Dorn is a filmmaker and performing artist based in Los Angeles.  His work has been seen at St. Ann’s Warehouse, Spoleto, and REDCAT.  His short film, Charlotte, premiered at Toronto International Festival this year.