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Denver Hollingsworth
Running Time:10:42 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:15 PM EST
Thursday, November 8
Thalian Black
7:15 PM EST
Saturday, November 10
Jengo's Playhouse

Cinematographer: Garret Poulos
Sound Designer/Composer : Connor Mangold
Cast: Grace Hamashima, Tyler Barnhardt

It’s New Year’s Eve and Amy’s first night alone providing on-call support for Essex Enterprises, a home security firm. When a bad storm knocks the company’s servers offline, she calls Jake, a down-on-his-luck support technician. Jake shows her the real Essex: a high-tech piece of software capable of controlling hundreds of Smart Homes with the click of a button. Amy’s hooked on it – and Jake’s hooked on her.

Screening in: Rambutan Shorts


Denver Hollingsworth III has had a passion for filmmaking and storytelling since a young age. A self-taught filmmaker, Denver spent his early years creating films with brothers, cousins and friends in rural Eastern NC, using his creative talents to write, shoot, act, direct and edit each film. After winning a Wilmington, NC film contest at the age of 13, Denver worked on several independent feature films throughout his teenage years as an EPK director/producer with writer/director Erica Dunton. As one of the youngest crew members on set, Denver learned to navigate a professional film production at an early age while crafting a story out of behind-the-scenes events. He attended both the Tribeca Film Festival (2008) and the Sundance Film Festival (2011), where his EPK material was used extensively to promote and highlight Dunton’s award-winning films. After graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Journalism, Denver returned to Wilmington, NC to work in the field of marketing. He continues to pursue his passion for filmmaking, using every opportunity to hone his craft. Denver’s award-winning films often showcase his greatest strengths: storytelling, directing and editing.