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Fiddlehead Shorts

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:107:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
9:45 AM EST
Saturday, November 10
4:15 PM EST
Sunday, November 11
Jengo's Playhouse

Youth: Made By and For Young Humans

Escape the Ninja // Mr. Scooter :: A team of ninjas embark on a subterranean adventure and must face three deadly challenges in hopes of proving their worthiness to their sensei master.

I’m An Athlete // Alex Hoelscher :: Bryson Dowdy was born with spina bifida, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing sports any chance he gets. Bryson falls in love with sled hockey at a young age, and his family decides to create a league of their own, since access to adapted sports is still so limited in most parts of the country.

Labeled // Hadassah Nix :: Using connections to her own faith community in Colorado Springs, including her youth pastor, a Hip Hop Christian dance company and a local tattoo parlor, Hadassah Nix creates a lively and vibrant portrayal of Christians who don’t always fit the stereotypes.

Pineapple and Coconut // Yadid Licht :: The life stories of a coconut and a pineapple, as told through 9 phone screens.

Space Girls // Carys Watford :: During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket.

The Ape Man // Pieter Vandenabeele :: During the day, he’s a garbage man, but in the evening, he watches Tarzan-movies and dreams off in his lush roof jungle. One day, when he hears the aggressive rants of his neighbour, he looks for the Tarzan inside to rescue his next-door Jane.

The Pool Attack // Carter Soderena :: Just when you think it’s safe to go swimming in the pool…

You Can’t Play With Us // Jason Rhein, Serene Bacigalupi :: In a world where dinosaurs eat unicorns for every meal, Delux the dino refuses to eat the magical creatures and sets out to befriend them instead. When the inquisitive dinosaur happens upon some musical unicorns in Marshmallow Mountain, they aren’t as friendly as he expects.

White Chocolate // Daniel Robinson :: Why are black people expected to excel in sports and entertainment but are deemed less capable in other pursuits?

Resurge // Ying Ling Chen :: The story is about a little girl who travel in after world with the guardian rabbit.

Shoot the Duck // Shannon Silva :: Mia has set her sight on winning her local skating rinks 8th Annual “Shoot the Duck” skate contest, but she must keep her cool under pressure or lose the competition before it even begins.  With the help of her two best friends, and a strong belief in her own skillzzz, she might just take home the grand prize (brand new skates!) and show everyone that strong girls really do skate fast

So You Think You’re Extraordinary?  // Samantha Herrick ::  In this completely youth written and acted short Mockumentary, a young filmmaker follows the talents and confession of contestants in a Creative Arts Camp talent show.