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Hairy Nut Disco Shorts

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:70:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:30 PM EST
Monday, November 16
Live Online

Pushing the boundaries of sex, laughter and the bizarre, this combo of delicious and naughty weirdness will open you up to some new possibilities for your nightly diversions.


Jonny Look
A Scientist uses a series of torture related experiments on a variety of house plants in order get them to communicate with humans.

King Bach
Laughter is the best medicine.

Kenichi Ugana
One day, a strange thing comes to her, who is suffering from being sexless with her boyfriend.

Benjamin Stillerman, Rachel Winton
An experimental narrative comprised of over-the-phone and in-person interviews with Craiglist posters whose missed connections happened on the subway. Using the website’s iconic interface to display the transcript, the visuals highlight the yearning, humor, and emotion that are behind a post on the internet’s beloved semi-anonymous noticeboard.

Josie Hess, Morgana Muses
Melinah is a sex worker, camgirl and activist with cerebral palsy, this short intimate documentary explores her work, philosophy, and the intersections of her identity.

Faiyaz Jafri
Jack is naked. Jack is pretending to play guitar. Jack looks silly?

Gemma Doll-Grossman, Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
A darkly comedic 35mm short film about the horrors of bikini waxing.