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Happy Slappy Shorts: Comedy

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:88:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:45 PM EST
Friday, November 12
Thalian Black

My First Native American Boyfriend
Joey Clift

Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every micro-aggression she has ever made against Native Americans.

Diamond in the Rough
Kim Henry

Theatre for All (TFA)  is Wilmington, NC’s only theatre company for adults with disabilities. TFA has turned to making short films during Covid. It’s 1922 and the prohibition on Candy means everyone is craving the sweet stuff. Detective Brown has to solve the mystery in this Film Noir short.

Steve Collins

A pool plumber has a mystical experience with a reincarnated client.

Disaster Panties
Alisha Bhowmik

Quarantined alone, anxious millennial Lacey discovers something awry with her vagina and must take her gynecologist appointment over video call.



Kaitlyn Schwalje , Alexander Lewis

Every November, co-Directors Alex and Kaitlyn, eat Thanksgiving dinner at Alex’s Aunt and Uncle’s. And every November, they marvel at the fact that the family’s 4-inch-long pet turtle, Snowy, is still alive. This short documentary is both an investigation into animal happiness and an intervention to improve one turtle’s life.

Money Chase 
Christian Haynes, Jeffrey Jordan

With the threat of eviction looming over their heads, two unemployed roommates come up with a scheme to rob someone’s house. But when one of them ends up dropping one of the bags, and it is discovered by two teenagers it becomes an all out chase.

Luv U Cuz 
Eric Pumphrey

Set in a not-too-distant future, two cousins bond over the course of a night on the town, until their relationship is tested in more ways than one.

Mi Casa
Kristina Arjona

Two sisters have been trapped in their home for 100 years. Though they both want to “see the light,” they disagree on the best course of action. But when the current occupant, Frank, surprises by communicating via Ouija board, both sisters are forced to contend with their past and their lack of presence.