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High & Tight Shorts: Excellent

Directors: Various
Magnolia :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:101:33 minutes
Event Date(s)
6:45 PM EST
Thursday, November 14
Thalian Ballroom
1:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 16
UNCW King Hall

“Out of Touch” by Slow Dance
Director: Justin Lacy / 4:20
Drift through the woods and into the attic in this dream-like sequence inspired by the installation artwork of Sarah Royal, the vocalist and co-songwriter of Slow Dance.

The Minors
Director: Robert Machoian / 10:15
A slice of life film about a Grandpa and his grandsons, the future and the past. Oh, and they started a band!

Long Drive To Yadkin
Director: Parrish Stikeleather / 12:46
A man walks into a barber shop for one last haircut.

Miner’s Mountain
Director: Bennett Pellington / 17:20
A Sheriff comes under fire when two S.B.I. Agents question his involvement in an unsolved murder that shares distinct similarities with a recent homicide.

Directors: Meryl Jones Williams, Jane Stiles / 15:24
When Dom teases Beth to join her on her daily drug route, she tags along listless and happy to spend the day biking through old NYC haunts with a long-lost sister.

Director: Rashad Frett / 12:23
A troubled teen ventures into an unfamiliar city seeking a bond with his estranged father.

Director: Jessica Mendez Siqueiros / 10:06
La gringa killed her Nana.

Directors: River Gallo, Sadé Clacken Joseph / 18:59
On Valentine’s Day, Ponyboi, an Intersex sex worker, looks for love and a way out of his seedy life in New Jersey.