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Holding Space (work-in-progress)

Rebecca Kenyon
Documentary Features :: Voices
Running Time:60:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
11:00 AM EST
Sunday, November 12
Jengo's Playhouse

“Talking about death doesn’t bring it closer, any more than talking about sex would make you pregnant” (Death Cafe flyer)

Holding Space is an intimate observational documentary about death, told through the eyes of an emerging role: the end of life doula. Their role mirrors that of a birth doula – only instead of supporting the arrival of new life, they are present as someone is actively dying, offering practical, emotional and spiritual support.

We’re all going to die, so why is it so hard to talk about? There is growing curiosity around death and a desire to bring it out of the shadows, away from overmedicalisation and back towards empowering community.

This session is made up of three interconnected parts:

Be the first to see an early insight into Holding Space. The final film will be bold and immersive, comprising vignettes with people at different stages, cutting out the small talk and capturing the deep connection that an end of life doula shares with their companion. We reflect on whether facing our own mortality and preparing for death can enable us to live with more meaning, connection and authenticity.   In this work in progress session, we share a few scenes gathered from research material to open up discussion. Your input at this stage could help shape the final film.

Following this, chat with director Rebecca Kenyon, who whilst shooting the documentary, is also taking part in doula training with UK-based Living Well Dying Well learning from it in a professional and personal capacity.

Lastly, we invite you to take part in a short taster ‘death breakfast club’, with complimentary coffee and muffins. This is simply a safe space to talk about death and dying with no agenda. Inspired by the Death Cafe movement, often in small groups guided by a facilitator, we can laugh, cry or anything in between. Feel free to add to the ‘bucket list bunting’ as you leave!

Rebecca was a founding member of the Cucalorus residency program whilst shooting documentary Something You Can Call Home here in Wilmington and is founder of mote of dust films